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Founded as a college project on a shoestring budget in 2006, Wine Punts has grown into a premier maker of custom glassware.  Our products are on shelves and are being used by individuals and businesses alike around the globe.  Using our proprietary process, we repurpose everyday wine bottles into custom drinking glasses, carafes, canisters, candles and a host of other glassware products.  We are founded upon and dedicated to improving the environment by recycling tens of thousands of wine and other bottles each year that would otherwise overflow our landfills.  Every Wine Punt product is handmade to our exacting specifications and is individually inspected to maintain a high standard of quality control.

Our workshop is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the vast majority of the bottles utilized in making our glassware are locally sourced.  We partner with numerous hotels, restaurants and other businesses and individual community members to ensure a steady supply of used bottles for repurposing.  We strive to utilize as much of each bottle as possible in our product line to continue improving our environment through responsible waste recycling programs.  Our glassware comes from those like you, people wanting to make a difference in the world by recycling.

Wine Punts can satisfy any customer’s taste or style. Anyone who loves wine will enjoy a Wine Punts product in their home.

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