Happy Wraps- The Happy Bowl Pack (3 pack- 9x9)

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The Happy Bowl Pack includes three 9x9 sized wraps. These medium sized wraps are great for everyday wrapping. You can wrap up most things you would need to on any given day. Wrap up an onion, an avocado, tupperware missing their lids, cheese blocks, etc. This is a great addition to your drawer!



  1. How do I wash my HAPPY WRAPS?
    Cleaning your wraps is simple! Just rinse under lukewarm water in your sink. I find that lukewarm water is better than cold water. DO NOT USE HOT WATER (the nature of wax will do it’s thing + get floppy with any HOT temperatures so avoid direct sunlight, microwave, oven, dishwasher, etc). If you have any food that is stuck on your wrap like crumbs or leftover sauce, feel free to use a little bit of dish soap + the scrubby in your sink! Then simply lay your washed wrap on your drying rack until dry...they dry within minutes!

  2. How long will my HAPPY WRAPS stay sticky?

    Great question! You may find + feel that your HAPPY WRAPS are super sticky when you first get them. Some people love that + some people are weird about it + that’s okay! I ultimately changed the recipe to make the wraps more sticky based on what friends + family requested in the beginning. I feel it was the right move. The stick comes from the pine resin I use which allows the wraps to actually form to whatever you’re using them on + it help keep your produce fresh! A win, win!

    The stick will eventually fade with frequent use, but in my opinion they get softer and continue to form + stick the way you need them to! Once your wraps come to what feels like the end of their sticky life as they get grainy or crunchy, you can always pop these suckers in the oven at a low 200 degree temp + bake on parchment paper for a few minutes. This gives the wrap a second opportunity to re-saturate themselves (they won’t be as good as new but it’ll prolong their lives a little bit! Try it out!). Depending on how often you use (or wash) your wraps, they may last 6 months to a year or more! I am still using wraps I made over a year ago! Like other things in life, the better you take care of these, the better + longer they will last you :)

  3. How do I wrap up produce? Can the wrap touch the fruit or vegetable?

    The answer is YES! You want direct contact on fruits + veggies. It doesn’t have to be a sophisticated wrap job, haha. Whatever size or shape you’re dealing with, just wrap + form around the fruit or veggie! Your produce will LOVE the pine resin! A FAQ here…does the smell of onion penetrate into the wrap? I have never had an issue with this ever! The wax acts like a shield!

  4. What’s the wrap on sizes? I need a mental size guide!

    Size guide! Below are the sizes that I offer and a food or dish to give you an extra idea of what you can fully wrap. Hope this helps!

    LID/AVOCADO SIZE 6X6 - Good for half an avocado, the top of a cup/jar, chunk of cheese, jalapeño, etc. These are way more useful than one might imagine!!

    SMALL BOWL SIZE 8X8 - Good for a standard cereal bowl, a medium onion, small pyrex bowl, top of a blender or even an English muffin sandwich! A great size!

    MEDIUM BOWL SIZE 9X9 - Good for a medium pyrex mixing bowl, a large bell pepper, a small snack bag (fold in half, fold in edges), cucumber, etc.

    LARGE BOWL SIZE 12x12 - My personal favorite size! Great for those salad bowls, half of a watermelon, a head of cabbage or make a great “zip-lock” bag!

    SANDWICH SIZE 10X12 - I created this size after wrapping up a sandwich I made with an oversize wrap I made + cut it down to size. This size also makes for a great “zip-lock” bag as well! Or wrap up a block of cheese!

    CASSEROLE DISH SIZE 12x18 - The mother of all wraps! This size is fantastic! Big enough for your largest 13x9 casserole dish at home…just remember to let your casserole cool off first ;) Make a big gallon size shape “zip-lock” bag. Wrap up a loaf of bread or a big cheese plate for a dinner party. If you find you don’t use this one often you could even cut this wrap into smaller sizes! A great size to have.

  5. My new wraps left a little sticky residue on my dish, help!

    No need to fret! If your new sticky wraps leave any stickiness on your favorite dish, simply just rub olive oil or any other food oil on your dish and rinse off. The oil will cure any stick issue!

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